maanantai 2. maaliskuuta 2015

"New York fascinates me"

According to the Finland Times (4.1.2015) I'am living in New York, but I don't.

I'am still in Kuopio and sometimes in Helsinki, but who will translate my novel The Flying Finn in New York in English. The book won the Savonia Literature award 2015.

"New York fascinates me. I hope that this could inspire someone to foreign publishers interested in other books of Tuuri", says Mrs Bristina Bettencourt in Helsingin Sanomat today (3.3.2015).

Lady Bettencourt were translated and published by the author of the novel Skyscrapers in English (not Germany, as in the HS-story). Puplication of the book paid 10 000 euros. 

Antti Tuuri's novel Skyscrapers (2005) takes place in New York in the same way as in the novel of The Flying Finn in New York.

Jouni Tossavainen. File Photo – Lehtikuva.

The book on country’s noted athlete Hannes Kolehmainen written by Jouni Tossavainen has won the Savonia Literature award 2015. 

According to the jury the flying Finnish (Jouni Tossavainen) who is living in New York now has made a strong novel about the Kuopio’s sport legend. 

Kolehmainen had to fight many issues to reach his position in the arena of world sports in the1920s.

The book describes the migration, the difficulty to make a choice in love and, above all, how ghosts of the past and what politics should be followed to the new continent.

The author Tossavainen, born in 1958, has written more than 20 books including poetry and prose.

Savonia literature-prize was given for the 26th time this year and the winner gets prize money of euro 10,000.

A total of 54 books published in 2014 took part in the contest this year."

(Finland Times 4.1.2015)